The New Year

It’s the new year and I got off to a depressing start. Two days ago, I accidentally chipped a small part of a bottom tooth in the front while flossing since there was a piece of floss stuck in between my teeth. I was scared because I don’t have any health and dental insurance because it’s so expensive with President Obama being in office, especially with Obamacare. I just hope it becomes affordable when Donald Trump is sworn in. And then, I read on Facebook about an old college acquaintance having surgery for the first time. I just pray that everything goes well for her and that she recovers from it.

However, I unliked mainstream news sources on Facebook because they were triggering my anxiety and making me feel depressed and stuck to inspiring ones instead just to feel better and also some relatives from Chicago had to stop by after coming from a road trip in Florida. I have not had any visitors to Atlanta for a long time because there is not much to see here. I didn’t spend much time with them because they came in late last night and then had to leave this morning. I’m okay with that.

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